In the long run you will save time with attention to brand and image from the beginning. The intuitive logic and decision is not always the best one. We will here discuss classic pitfalls in the online endeavour.

  1. Branding

    Atelier name, logo, domain name, email are all intertwined and should be sorted together.

    Name, domain and mail sticks while logo may change as you develop.

    Does atelier name match your brand and products? – Vertigo for pancakes is not really a great idea is it? Well, for differentiation it could be …

  2. Less is More

    – Be creative, unique and stand out.
    – Go short and be recognisable.
    – Consider symmetry and balance in your visuals.

  3. Strategy Atelier Name

    It sticks further down the line for both graphics and domain, so consider:

    a) Include intuitive wording for better SEO at the expense of originality – Silicon Valley Hairdresser, Poster Sales, Military Surplus Inc. or …

    b) Trust in your idea and create a unique and original brand at the expense of intuitive SEO – Coca Cola, Apple, Inertia, Vertigo, Genesis or …

    c) Play with words and bad spelling for wow and more availability on domains at the expense of intuitive SEO – Flickr, Netflix, Blox, Google, Syndrm Medics, WrdPrss

  4. Atelier Name Dont’s

    Pop pit falls are generally considered a short term strategy. It’s only cool for a little while, it’s not trusted and not taken serious.

    Again changing a brand is a massive undertaking

  5. Domain Name Availability

    Is the domain name taken? Check it first and register for reservation, rights, reference, website and [email protected] !

    Consider the domain registration your social security number. It’s the core of your business.

    Less is still more…….


    is not likely to ever receive an email.

  6. UI – User Interface

    Consider length of domain name and especially email.

    Consider drops (q y p g j) and lifts (t i l f h k d b) at the beginning of each word in your url for readability – vs. or

  7. Logo

    Play with logo graphics – Don’t worry logo is easy to change later, but name sticks.

    Does store name match your logo? – Emphasise in layout, fonts, colour for a unique expression and mood.

    Prepare logo:
    – White on transparent
    – Black on transparent.
    Cause it’s flexible on coloured backgrounds.

    – White on black
    – Black on white
    Cause sometines you do not want see-through

  8. Logo Media Formats

    Choose png (simple to work with but does not scale) or svg (scales with no loss but requires know how) formats that support transparent.

    Jpg does not!

    Choose large resolution fx. 2048px long axis – You can always scale down. Or simply make 3 sizes of each, now you are in the process.

  9. Art Fair Registration

    You now have your Atelier name, logo, domain name and email sorted.

    You are ready to register in the Art Fair.

We respect our other vendors, their images and artwork,
hence, we reserve the right to reject applications based on

  • Non fitting brand
  • Non fitting portfolio
  • Poor or messy atelier management
  • Poor presentation of your art at the Art Fair
  • Poor art curation and categorisation
  • Continuous rejection of submitted content
  • Breach of contract with your customers
  • Breach of contract with us

As art is freedom of speech and expression we do not:

  • Discriminate artists based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, political views, nationality, personal taste or method of expression
  • Sensor nudity or other according to world opinion or subjective principals
  • Tape over or blur expository displays, so what you see is what you get
  • Accept sensored art in the Art Fair, so what you see is what you get
  • Abide to 3rd party’s request to compromise the above unless required by Danish law
  • Side with one artist against another for competitive advantage
  • Upsell one artist at the expense of others
  • Sanction artists for having a hard, uninspired or depressed time in their lives
  • Sanction artists for little to no activity in their creative process


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