If you wonder, everyone does. Below we have collected our most Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do i need to be EU based for Svalinn Art?


We are a Danish based platform, but that’s just the patform. Artists and creators around the world are welcome to join Svalinn Art. We and you benefit from geolocation of almost everything on this site, hence, we are searchable based on collectors location, if they so choose. Knowing that an artwork is near you, can be beneficial for a preview prior to purchase… and, thereby, execute the sale. Especially for events, geolocation makes a lot of sense.

How do you Expose & Brand?

  • You get immediate exposure as a gallery at Svalinn Art.
  • Your gallery features as “Latest Galleries” on Svalinn Art front page. We do not feature empty galleries, until you release artwork for sale.
  • We feature top level categories also on our front page. represented.
  • You categorise and tag all you do, as you want. These categories and tags are searchable and feature wherever convenient. We evolve with new galleries needs.
  • Your store and art geolocate and pin on our interactive zoomable Google map. Clicking your pin displays your logo and links to you direct.
  • All galleries shall have even exposure, hence, no hierarchy and gallery specific promotion.
  • Svalinn Art brands your gallery on your artwork everywhere in the art fair. This branding links directly to your gallery.
  • We allow Google and other engines to search and follow tags and categories across this site.
  • This platform respect Metatags, keywords and copyright tags in media. Within soon you will find yourself in Google searches.
  • You will add your own SEO data. This matters, cause it gives you priority in Google searches. Getting it right is exposure!

Please visit here for further inspiration regarding branding.

I am not sure, I can eCommerce !?

Winding Roads

Setting up your store should take around 15 min. including payment gateway connection. From there, you customize to your liking while launching products.

We offer a written knowledge base for registered galleries, to get you started. That is why you register your artworks with us… Welcome onboard.

Is EU – GDPR in place?


GDPR EU is active for this site. We require acceptance or rejection of cookies on Svalinn Art as required by law. Customers and visitors may refer to our Privacy Policy and also our Terms & Conditions for further clarification. We update policies dynamically as regulations change.

Alternative GDPR policies may apply locally. On request we will look into localised compliance.


We have cross gallery chackout in place. Collectors may select artwork from different galleries and do a one time checkout.

V.A.T under EU and beyond?


There’s a lot of countries in this world. Requirements regarding value added tax varies. We have made it simple for you. Our engine calculates VAT in real time as follows:

  1. First based on geolocation, assuming that a visitor will send to where this person is. Within EU, we calculate VAT based on member state location. Outside EU, VAT is not charged.
  2. Browsing through VPN may complicate VAT calculations. At checkout, we present VAT based on shipping address. Again on a per EU member state basis or 0% VAT for shipping outside EU.

Finally VAT differs for type of product in certain cases. When registering a product you typically select standard VAT Rates, however, alternatives are available such as; Reduced Rate Ireland and Luxembourg, Artist Rate Denmark and Zero Rates. Should you be missing VAT rates specifically for your needs, we will implement, if you specify in full detail. Please reach out through or Contact Form.


You may refer to our policies as a gallery on this site, however, doing so is at your own convenience. We abide by Danish law, however, national and international requirements vary and we cannot ensure compliance to the entire planet.

Conducting business according to your specific legislation is at all times your responsibility. We have a “policy & terms” platform in place per gallery. You as an artist or gallery can add your personal conditions for your eCommerce.


We offer a per vendor shipping module, where you can specify your own custom algorithm based on Weight, Region or Distance.

You may also opt in on the site wide shipping module. Please note this module is designed for shipping from Denmark to anywhere. Using our shipping module is at your own convenience and risk. Shipping is a complex matter. Using our algorithm does not entitle you to any coverage.

Prohibited & restricted eCommerce?


Restrictions and legislation vary by country and at times regions. You may restrict sales on a per country/state shipping basis. Stripe Payment Gateway has laid out guidelines to which trade must abide.

Any breach of these instructions will exclude further sales from us, unless the situation can be explained and excused under the law. Second chances don’t come often.

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